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  1. Fixed: Win32.Banload.aghb
  2. Fixed: Virtumonde all the time
  3. Fixed: Virtumonde.dll false positive
  4. As Intended: ErrorSmart- False Positive?
  5. Fixed: Virtumonde.Dll false positive
  6. Fixed: MSI drivers misindentified as trojan
  7. Need User Feedback: Fraud.VirusDoctor false positive
  8. *sighs* Virtumonde.sdn
  9. As Intended: DoubleD False Positive - Fix?
  10. Kaspersky or Hupigon13
  11. Need User Feedback: Unfix a scan?
  12. Fixed: False positive with todays update
  13. AntiVirGear false positive ?
  14. SpywareCease in RegistryEasy.exe file
  15. As Intended: hosts file;Redirected host
  16. Need User Feedback: Netmeter false positive ?
  17. Fixed: WinSys2.exe - False Positiv - MSI Graphiccard Tool
  18. Fixed: F/p Fraud.WindowsPolicePro
  19. Fixed: Setup Factory 6.0: TeamTaylor.ScreenSaver detected in irunin.bmp and irunin.lng
  20. As Intended: Virtumonde.sci false positive?
  21. Fixed: SoftCop false positive?
  22. Fixed: Fraud.SoftCop
  23. Fixed: PartnerHBO false positive?? running windows 7 home premium
  24. Fixed: smss.exe false positive ?
  25. Need User Feedback: regsvr32.exe
  26. Fixed (Heuristics): win32.agent.wsg false positive?
  27. What's Heuristics?
  28. Fixed: www.eusing.com ipscan.exe
  29. Fixed: Terminal v1.9b - 20041226 - by Br@y++
  30. Fixed: Rbot.skp false positive (...probably)
  31. Fixed: Rbot.skp in burnatonce?
  32. Fixed: False positive in RQ Money
  33. Fixed: desmume terminated by spybot
  34. Fixed: Rbot.skp in Cygwin 1.7 setup
  35. Fixed: False positive on copy of taskmgr.exe
  36. Fixed: Regseeker
  37. Need User Feedback: stickies.exe (but not always)
  38. Need User Feedback: DVDDecrypter as hostile??
  39. Fixed (Heuristics): Heuristics: Virtumonde.dll/Virtumonde.sdn
  40. Fixed: RuMSX possibly detected as Fake.MSAntivirus false positive
  41. Need User Feedback: False positive for .NET framework 1.1 SP as PerfectKeylogger?
  42. Fixed: ArcSoft MediaImpression
  43. Fixed: False positive, maybe
  44. As Intended: hazeleger.net redirected hosts file False Positive
  45. Fixed (Heuristics): Heuristics: Fraud.SecurityTool in JPG
  46. Fixed (Heuristics): Heuristics: Fraud.SecurityTool in XML
  47. Fixed (Heuristics): XYplorer installer detected as Fraud.SecurityTool
  48. Fixed (Heuristics): Is RedCrab calculator spyware?
  49. Registry Key created by GPO...
  50. Fixed: False positive in Adobe Reader 9.3 update?
  51. Fixed: Banker.fat + Virtumonde
  52. vistaprint
  53. updated to avast 5, spybot reports doubled.desktopsmiley
  54. TeaTimer claims Morpheus Toolbar in WMIADAP.EXE
  55. Need User Feedback: Possible False Positive for WIN32.FraudLoad.Edt
  56. Fixed: BPS.AdwarePolice
  57. Possible false Positive AzeSearch in MS Security Essentials
  58. Need User Feedback: Possible False Positive for Win32.GBDialer\msfeedsync.exe
  59. Fixed: win32.downloaderx.hav or falsepositive?
  60. As Intended: False Positive?
  61. Right Media problem
  62. Need User Feedback: Banker trojan
  63. Fixed: Possible false positive.
  64. Need User Feedback: MBAM new version Install
  65. Fixed: ENCAPI32.dll aka VIRTUMONDE.SDN
  66. As Intended: virtumonde.sdn
  67. Fixed: False positive zlibwapi ?
  68. As Intended: Question about CommonName / ToolbarCNBabe
  69. Need User Feedback: Virtumonde.sdn infection
  70. Fixed: Emisoft finds trojan in Spybot
  71. Need User Feedback: TeaTimer blocking acceptable site(s)
  72. Fixed: Virtumonde.sdn
  73. Fixed: False Positive with Virtumonde.sdn ?
  74. Fixed: Drive Cleaner 2006 False Positive?
  75. Fixed: Fraud.UPSInvoice and Virtumonde.sdn found : False positives ?
  76. Fixed: False Positive
  77. Fixed (Heuristics): False Positive?: KeePass 2.10
  78. Fixed: False Positive - Virtumonde.sdn
  79. Need User Feedback: TwitLonger
  80. Need User Feedback: TeaTimer detects a Windows update as a rogue antivirus app
  81. Need User Feedback: NDP1.1sp1-KB979906-X86.exe Malware or update?
  82. Need User Feedback: Nvidia nviewsetup.exe
  83. Fixed: JESTERTB.DLL possible false positive
  84. Fixed: False positive for Adultfriendfinder.com
  85. Fixed: virtumonde false positive?
  86. Fixed: Virtumonde.sdn in c:\windows\system32\lvcoinst.dll ?
  87. Fixed: Is "Virtumonde.sci" FP??
  88. Fixed: Spybot detecting SiteAdvisor as perfect keylogger
  89. Fixed (Heuristics): Windows update file detected . . .
  90. Fixed: Possible false positive on Win32.Wemon.sh
  91. Need User Feedback: FalsePositives Detections as: Bredolab.fb - Trojans.+++
  92. Need User Feedback: Possible false positive?
  93. Fixed: Newly Purchased expired Domain is on Host list
  94. Fixed: Possible false positive for Divx player as RXtool bar
  95. Perfect keylogger false positive
  96. Need User Feedback: Wordpad.exe, infected by "Fraud.MySecurityEngine"?
  97. Fixed: Another cygrunsrv False positive?
  98. Fixed: Vario.AntiVirus in winlogon.exe: FP?
  99. Need User Feedback: Possible false positive
  100. Fixed: SmitfraudFix FP
  101. As Intended: FALSE POSITIVE: ShopAtHome.com FREE Shopping Toolbar
  102. Need User Feedback: plugin-container.exe
  103. Fixed: mfc40.dll
  104. As Intended: Is this a false positive?
  105. Fixed: Win32.AutoRun.tmp F/P whenever Spybot is run after you use MBAM's quarantine function
  106. Need User Feedback: Bug Adobe Reader X - Vista
  107. Need User Feedback: Smitfraud-c.Generic false?
  108. Need User Feedback: ati2sgag.exe
  109. FarmvilleBot.exe ( Fraid.SecurityTool )
  110. Fixed: False positive FakeBill.CourtCologne
  111. wmic.exe - Fraud.Downloader.gen?
  112. Fixed: Win32.Palevo False Positive
  113. Javaw.exe possible false positive
  114. Fixed: False Positive ? Win32.Luder.B?
  115. Fixed: Spybot Detects 4 Programs as FalsePositive 'AdRotator' Spyware!
  116. False positive for Google Chrome Frame plugin
  117. False Positive: request a re-evaluation
  118. Yontoo false positive - spybot2
  119. Fixed: Win32.Agent.bb
  120. false positive smitfraud-c?
  121. FP in Hosts file
  122. Need User Feedback: Kaspersky Internet Security 2012
  123. Qemu sdl.dll
  124. Encountered and terminated FAVORIT-NETWORK in C:\WINDOWS\system
  125. Fixed: False Positive?
  126. Need User Feedback: Morgan MPEG Codec to be a reliable download? AdRotator Reported
  127. Fixed: Cloudfront.net Firefox Immunization
  128. Fixed: False Positive? Grooveshark.com and Cloudfront.net
  129. Fixed: FP Trojan?
  130. Fixed (Heuristics): Shape2D.dll & Ijl15.dll / False Positives?
  131. False positive?
  132. Fixed: Two Infections found-Win32.NrgBot.rtk.
  133. Fixed (Heuristics): Numerous false report of virus in MediaMonkey
  134. Need User Feedback: Wordpad False Positive - Win32.FraudLoad.PC
  135. Fixed (Heuristics): Is AutoIt flagged or not?
  136. Fixed (Heuristics): Two Alleged False Positives - Yobdam.ait
  137. Fixed (Heuristics): false positive Pornis.hlpr
  138. Fixed: avastUI.exe reported under System Startup
  139. Fixed (Heuristics): False positive? Choplifter HD on steam (ChopLaunch.exe as Bancos.Santander)
  140. W3i.IQ5.fraud
  141. Fixed: Babylon.Toolbar
  142. Fixed: False positive Win32.Agent.ode (S&D
  143. Yet Unverified: Possible False Positive - TrojanC-05
  144. As Intended: SweetIm FP?
  145. Fixed: False Positive: Skylanders Universe Portal of Power Driver
  146. Possible false positive on old Windows 98se system.
  147. Fixed: Widgi Toolbar
  148. False positive: Smitfraud-C on Words by William Whitaker
  149. Fixed: Definite false positive Win32.Agent.yjl
  150. Fixed: ...\Image File Execution Options\taskmgr.exe
  151. Need User Feedback: Spybot removed Facebook Messenger
  152. Fixed: Win32.Agent.bb in AppData\Roaming\SogouExplorer\
  153. Fixed (Heuristics): GNU sync (coreutils) tagged heuristically as IRCbot.wln
  154. Need User Feedback: False Positive When Using Prey
  155. Fixed: Any chance new Wishbone infection is false positive
  156. Fixed (Heuristics): Is There a False Positive in Code::Blocks C++ IDE?
  157. spybot/clamwin conflict
  158. Need info on posible false positive
  159. Fixed: False positive on IE plugin of Dashlane
  160. Fixed: Claro.Toolbar FP tag on MuvEnum (Last Closed Tab)
  161. Fixed: Babylon.Toolbar and Claro.Toolbar false positives
  162. Fixed: UniBlue "threat?"
  163. Yet Unverified: I let it delete dw20.exe not sure if it was false or not
  164. Fixed: False positive: Spybot is flagging Glary Registry Repair as "FlashDollars"
  165. Fixed: Is Optimum Installer A False Positive?
  166. Need User Feedback: Are these false positives?
  167. how to remove false positive from list ???
  168. Need User Feedback: Scans run as non-admin users report false positive infections
  169. Need User Feedback: Apparently I have adware in my empty DVD-drive
  170. Website Pop
  171. 2,600+ infected empty DVD drive
  172. Java and spybot
  173. Yet Unverified: Skype.exe keylogger?
  174. Yet Unverified: Seagate FreeAgentService.exe
  175. Fixed: Sysinternals Registry Size Usage Reporter ain't PurityScan
  176. As Intended: Jdownloader spyware?
  177. Are these false positives!?
  178. Fixed: Is this really malware?
  179. As Intended: Norton component identified as a rootkit
  180. Need User Feedback: Babylon Translator
  181. Widgi.toolbar
  182. Answer please
  183. Win32.downloader.gen detected in Conduit program files - false positive?
  184. SpyBot appears to remove un-install programs
  185. Fixed: Win32.Autorun.cfto
  186. Possible issue with spybot V 2.1. Hopefully false positives
  187. Fixed: Anchor.hss
  188. Fixed: Win32.Autorun.Tepfer
  189. IronInstall F/Ps
  190. GenHeur.SMHeist.3 detected
  191. Fixed: Hotspot Shield
  192. AVG-Secure-Search-Update-0913a.exe Malware???
  193. spybot detects zone alarm toolbar
  194. spybot detects zone alarm and zone alarm toolbar as montera.toolbar
  195. Not a FP: JDownloader ElectroLyrics
  196. OpenCandy false positives?
  197. False positive rootkit HKLM\SYSTEM\CCS\Control\Nsi\
  198. Possible Win32.AnCamera false positive
  199. Fixed: Possible False Positive - Win32.ZAccess.ewjg
  200. Fixed (Heuristics): False Positive: ExternalParallelRouteRunner.exe
  201. Fixed: False Positive: SpeedUpMyPC
  202. Fixed: FalconFour Disc Malware Detection
  203. Fixed: AdFender
  204. Advanced System Protector
  205. Fixed: Possible False Positive: PornoAssist (registry entry for addthis.com)?
  206. Fixed: Possible False-Positive: PornoAssist (registry entry for addthis.com)? Again!
  207. False Positive, PC tune up, part of zone alarm extream security
  208. Yet Unverified: FALSE POSITIVE .BB files marked as belonging to BDE Projector
  209. angebliche Malware auf gekaufter DVD - AntiVir erkennt die Datei nicht...
  210. Fixed: MySQL Connector icon directory being identified as Win32.Neuraxon
  211. FP only within Spybot
  212. Fixed: Manager accounting software indicated as a threat?
  213. "MY LATEST DOCUMENTS" in XP gets erased ...
  214. Fixed: Anyone Else Got This When Trying To Install NoVirusThanks Anti-Rootkit Program
  215. GNS3 projects = false positives?
  216. Fixed: Win32.Palevo
  217. Win32.Autorun.sp error in a VB6 compiled program
  218. MediaGet Torrent Trojan?
  219. Confirmed: Spy bot 2.4 hangs up on Zlob.ZipCodec on initial run
  220. Fixed: spysheriff in registry
  221. Yet Unverified: OAWrapper.exe nvidia geforce experience
  222. Part of Win10's core is coming up as malware
  223. Badoo restricted site
  224. False Positives in the site:oldoctober.com
  225. False: false positive on our install files
  226. Trojan in Spybot Anti-Beacon installation file?!
  227. Need User Feedback: After running SpyBot I have to reload two clean programs - Sandboxie and FitBit.
  228. Is svchost.exe a false positive?
  229. PU.Auslogics.BoostSpeed
  230. False positive Trojan in AVG dat file?
  231. Fixed: False Positive detection: C:\Windows\System32\vbzip10.dll - Win32.VB.grl
  232. Malicious address message while in eBay listing
  233. GMAIL incoming being filtered - False Positives?
  234. False positives on my .dll's
  235. where do we submit False Positives?
  236. Avangates' Advanced System Carei
  237. Yet Unverified: Error: Sys is saying I have 5 registered computers instead of 3 computers on license
  238. False detection for Advanced SystemCare
  239. False detection for Advanced SystemCare
  240. Need User Feedback: win32.runouce.sal on setup.exe file whilst trying to install Simpsons Hit & Run game
  241. Fixed (Heuristics): Are these False detection results from Spybot - Search & Destroy
  242. Fixed: Is Gen:Variant.Graftor a false positive?
  243. Yet Unverified: SpyBot Anit-Beach Plus 3.5.X
  244. Is this a false positive?
  245. Spybot Anti-Beacon False Positive?