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  1. "BEFORE You POST"(Please read this Procedure Before Requesting Assistance)- Updated
  2. So how did I get infected in the first place?
  3. UPDATED WINDOWS - Your first line of defense
  4. Registry Cleaners, not recommended
  5. System Restore-please leave it on until advised
  6. Rootkit Analyzer. Please do not post scan result in the Malware Forum
  7. remove Generic.Ransom.VxLock.E31AD1D6
  8. Requesting help with malware analysis and removal.
  9. well again something has my pc acting different the last few days...
  10. Win32.Fynlosk reported - cannot fix
  11. Very Long Startup Time
  12. help is greratly appriciated with whatever is going on.
  13. help please! mcafee and norton have officially lost it!