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2007-01-04, 05:09
I myself have a few suggestions for the next version of Spybot SD.

1. Nicer interface and a Resident/RealTime Scanner. With more extendibility for skins and skin developers

2. When Tracks are found or spyware there should be a Select or Check All for Spyware and Tracks or All like on the context menu right click when detections are found.
"Select All Spyware Detections"
"Select All MRU Detections"
"Select All Spyware + MRU"
For RightClick Context Menu of the scanner if would be even nicer if there was a button for Select All next to the Fix Selected button.

3. Portable Edition of Spybot SD and a WinPE/BartPE Version of Spybot SD

4 Better Servers for updates (Onetime I was updating using a automatic selected server which was going super slow so I canceld and selected a different server and it went fast.

5. Fix bug: When I start Spybot SD for the first time I like to tell it settings and stuff for updates and other things and then I have it check for updates and it restarts and no settings were saved and I also told it not to tell me about Adware-Supported Software and it showed that message anyways...
Apparently the settings were not saved after the update.

6. Descriptions of the settings and what each thing means...
E.G. I can't figure out want "Display PGP Signature Updates" means and I don't think it's in the help either.

7. Rootkit Detection and Advanced Security Technologies support (E.G. Alternate Data Streams, Startup Entires in scanning, etc)

8. A Lite and a Full Version of Spybot SD. The full version should include:
Built-In (Integrated into the program)

That's all for now hope you can use these suggestions I would like to see each of these 8 suggestions seen and fixed/add.

Also I would be happy and I want to beta test Spybot SD Beta Program not the tools for Vista.
I'm currently a Computer Technician and Beta Tester for many companys including but not limited to:
Lavasoft, Symantec, Microsoft (Microsoft AntiSpyware/Windows Defender, Windows OneCare Live, etc).

I'm willing to help you guys out!!!


2007-01-04, 14:24

1. Nicer interface / skins: that's all going onto the CPU. Why do you think Symantec and others are such a bloatware? We'll try to get more light elegance into the next version (not 1.5), but won't implement stuff like heavy skinning.
The TeaTimer will continously be improved though.

2. Select All is available and Spyware Only as well... some more mixes might be nice though, agreed.

3. Both finished, though only partly public.

4. Speed differs by region I'm afraid. XTeq for example is super-fast from Germany, but quite slow from other regions. Same for PlanetMirror, just that that is fast in the U.S. imho.

5. That's the hard update which automatically closes Spybot-S&D. We've got a new external updater ready (again, not released since at least three AVs have such harsh heuristics that they detect this unreleased file in many versions as a trojan), which will ask the user to shut it down himself.

6. Better help file you mean? The PGP signatures are outdated anyway ;)

7. ADS is in there for... hmmm... years? We were quite among the first actually - you can find it in FileAlyzer/FoldAlyzer as well for example. "Rootkit detection" is just too generic a description. Rootkits are using different methods, so you would have for concrete support for those. We're corresponding with Microsoft about the Kernel API for Vista, for example.

8. Actually, the RunAlyzer is going to replace the internal Tools section. To make the main app smaller on memory usage.

The Vista part is only a small part of the 1.5 beta tools... anyway, if you've enabled beta updates inside Spybot, I hope I'll have a new tools.dll and advcheck.dll (more than doubled number of detection methods, see your #7) out tomorrow. Not sure about TeaTimer since I have to look into the bug from wk357mag, if not tomorrow, then very shortly afterwards (probably not a full week but some time in between).

2007-01-11, 02:19
Please, please, please tell me that I will be able to read the buttons on the dialogue box of the TeaTimer component. As it stands, reading the buttons is impossible. :scratch: You just have to know that the left one is "accept" and the right one is "block". :mad:

md usa spybot fan
2007-01-11, 07:39

For fixing the buttons in TeaTimer 1.4, please read the following:
And by the way the buttons do appear correctly in the TeaTimer 1.5 beta.

2007-01-11, 11:09
I've been enjoying Secunia"s softwareinspector. in its deepscan mode it shows me trouble with past versions of flash. I wish the next version of spybot would deal with the presence of old versions of flash in different apps. I had 9.24 in firefox,6... in IE, 8. in adobe reader, 7. in Open Office. If I go to Adobe to update it it doesn't replace their presence in different apps. If their presence on a pc actually is a vulnerability....removing older versions will mess up certain apps[ as was the case with removing 7... Open office started malfunctioning....but was smart enough to suggest a solution. ]
I wish spybot would find a way to update all versions, or remove old versions without messing up other apps.:laugh: :D: :eek:

2007-02-22, 20:24
I don't think you get it. On the scan when it's finished I can't right click in te results and click Select All. And I'm talking about a option that will select everything detected not just for Ezula but for everything else detected..

And I don't see that option to select everything.

2007-02-23, 12:14
Select All?
There is a select all button for sure...
Though I remember we seem to have disabled it to "force" people to pay attention to what was found instead of just clicking to remove everything... kind of a fruitless attempt at spyware education I guess :D:
If you switch to advanced mode, there should be an option on the Settings pane to show more functions in the results window ;)