View Full Version : New "toolbar" idesk a major pain

2005-12-15, 17:57
There is a new "toolbar" which got past Spybot, and alwil's Avast antivirus (quite good programming actually since both have kept my computer bullet proof for over a year).

It is called idesk, it places a multiple "offer" "toolbar" on the desktop that keeps loading with windows start-up, and also reloads additional spyware tracking cookies. Quite the versital little program.

The only current anti spyware programs out there that even recognize it are advertised by it (go figure) in the toolbar.

I would love to see Safer Networking address this, as all I have read says this is a new ap, just beginning to annoy folks.


2005-12-16, 00:05
Hi Fred

There is usualy more to it that just idmlog and that desktop sidebar
go here and post a hjt log in same section please