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2007-01-15, 08:22
I have found a lady experiencing this too. It was fine a week ago.
I checked it out and she is free of malware. PC fairly clutter free too. She runs CCleaner....

I have run various other malware checkers over the PC and checked out stuff loading on start etc etc.

Its not the problem.
Its only Spybot too, not other programs.
It takes ages on AdGoblin but especially on CoolWebSearch.
It didn't use to.

It doesn't on my PC either, or most of my other clients PCs.

She has a 1.7Ghz Celeron, 256Mb DDR266, 40Gb HDD with 60% free, WinXP Home SP2.

So what happened? It must be some change to Spybot and these people getting the slowness at that stage must have something in common but it beats me what....

md usa spybot fan
2007-01-15, 08:38
Please see:
Very long duration of scan after update

2007-01-15, 21:39
I've read these other threads to death. People variously attribute it to AVG being resident, Multicore CPUs etc.

I ran it in safe mode and it still takes ages.

It does not do it on my own PC and I have a number of things resident - NOD32, Counterspy, GhostSecuritySuite.

Have uninstalled, reinstalled, no help.

Updated yesterday to see if new definitions helped, nope.

It is the first PC I have found this to be a problem on, all my other clients using it are fine.

2007-01-15, 21:55
Well, please read my last post in that to-death-topic, which has an updated file that is the result of todays work, and sped things up considerably even here where I did not notice the problem at first (only through looking into NOD32s AMON statistics).

2007-01-15, 23:03
Read mine

2007-01-15, 23:12
Only that you totally missed the file I posted... :D:

2007-01-15, 23:23
I did not. And she is downloading it.

But you missed the point I was trying to make - its NOT avg.

2007-01-15, 23:28
It is... and it is not ;)

It is AVG in the sense that AVG is scanning each and every file accessed. Thats its good right, and happened with other AVs as well - we finally were able to monitor it with NOD32, for example, even though it didn't slow down some machines, only some.

And it is us in the sense that we trigger that on-access scan too often. And that's unlucky ;)

And the fault... still to be found, funny thing is we didn't change that part of the code that was now triggering the AV on-access scan, but that AVG or someone else would release a new update at the same time we release this one and exactly these two would conflict is unlikely either... I'm still analyzing the underlying libraries from Borland (1.4 was compiled with Delphi 2005, 1.5 was compiled with Delphi 2006, so I'm going to look for changes in Delphis runtime library).

2007-01-16, 00:14
Hmmm wait... if on that machine, the scan really hangs there, it seems to be a different problem. Sorry, its getting difficult to keep all these cases apart from each other, were quite a bit today about slowdowns ;)
The products you mentioned may still be slowing down one further user, so we'll take a look at them tomorrow (only 47 minutes left of this day ;) ) :)

2007-01-16, 01:17
Guess you're already sawing zzzzzzzzzzzzz's, but I applied your new dll after running a scan with the old one (that one took 12'17" ).

Scanning under the same exact conditions (after a re-start and with all un-necessary services shut down, like the first one), the new dll turned in a time of 9'52" (approx. 18% faster).

Looks good, so far - as long as no sacrifice of detections is taking place. Pete