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2007-01-18, 15:59

- http://www.f-secure.com/weblog/archives/archive-012007.html#00001085
January 18, 2007 ~ "...The Warezov gang is using variants of Warezov and Medbot/Horst to send out medication and replica spam. The Rustock gang is using Mailbot.AZ and variants to send out stock spam. The Warezov gang is apparently operating from China and the Rustock boys from Russia... The server addresses keep changing... While investigating the case last week, we downloaded some 68 GB of e-mail addresses from this server... Randomized HTML templates for different spam mails. The URL is live at the moment of this posting. If you access it and reload the page, you'll get a different spam template every time... And by the way, you might want to block access to all hosts under the domain medbod . com (as it is used by Medbot to download updated bot code)."

(Screenshots available at the URL above.)