View Full Version : Way to Go Spybot

2007-01-19, 15:53
so obviously Command Service is a huge problem. and i'm sure everyone knows the deal so i wont reiterate. after letting multiple AV's run as soon as windows boots and never fixing the problem.(dont get hasty to judge, each of them ran independently without initiating until the one before it disengaged its scan and closed. so system usage was low-average)

so i gave up and left my pc off for awhile, and when i logged on a few weeks later i noticed that spybot had decided to f off with scanning for the files and immediately shuts down command service when i'd log in to windows i dont even see the icons or task bar load before it does it. which when it happened i thought was the kewlest helpful s**t i'd seen it do. and for awhile it would do it everytime that i logged in...but i updated my definitions and scanned the other day and now it doesnt do it anymore?

anyway none of the other AV's could even shut it down MAAAAAAAD props to spybot on real. just needed to voice that