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2007-01-22, 10:06
The Power Control options (turn off monitor, turn off hard disks, etc.) on my desktop has stopped working when a user is logged in. There are two nominated users, myself who has administrative privileges, and one other who does not have administrative privileges and rarely uses the machine. The OS is XP Professional with SP2 and all patches recommended by Microsoft installed.

I have tried resetting the Power Control options but it makes no difference. I can't associate the onset of the problem with any software or upgrades that I have installed. I only install programs from reputable companies, or well known freeware such as Spybot S&D or programs recommended through user groups associated with these programs. I have not installed any new software recently except for some items recommended by members of Team Spybot whilst I was being helped to get rid of malware.

I have searched the Internet using Google for a solution but the only sites it comes up with (including Microsoft's) just tell you how to set the power options. Not one mentions my particular problem!:sad: At the moment I am coping with it by switching off the monitor manually.

I feel it may something really deep seated which is beyond my abilities to fix by myself and I am using this forum in deperation! Can anyone help or point me towards a site which may be able to help?