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2007-01-28, 02:49
First, I would like to thank Spybot team for heir amazing efforts and their amazing application.

Second, I have a suggestion you might put in your consideration while making any new developments.

In : advanced Mode > Settings > Ignore Products

Adding (Select All & Select None) Buttons would be easier for us instead of going through the big list of products.

Thank you again, and I appreciate your Piece of Art software.

I'm sorry I've put it in the wrong place, please excuse me.

2007-01-28, 03:13
Nice idea... :bigthumb:

Also, there should be a Vista skin for it, with Vista comming out and all.


md usa spybot fan
2007-01-28, 06:58

While in "Ignore Products", if you right click on the list of products you can select either "Select all" or "Deselect all".

2007-01-28, 09:24
Oh My God :lip:
I don't remember for how long I use SpyBot S&D because it is quite a long time, and I'm totally ignorant that I didn't notice that :eek: , You made me feel so idiot. I've telling myself "how could such a team forget something so important like that" But the answer was clear, the problem is in me not yours. What a stupid. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I deserve to be punished :mad:

But to make a conclusion You Are :bigthumb: