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2005-12-18, 04:33
Well anyway, the name is smarter than I. The name meaning LononQelech, Blade of the witch, Witchblade, part of the tree of knowlege of good and evil. It was my favorite show. Well anyway I feel like this most of the time: :dancing-c or:buried: or:trample: or :bighug: or :banana: or sometimes I'm looking for theses guys: :alien: Right now Im dynamite happy:dancing-c and I'm going to play some games on highspeed internet, like Medal of Honur, Unrealtournament 200x, and Call of Duty. I really wanted to say that the only times I get bugs is when I go to unsafe sites, most of time sbsd dosen't find any problems.

2005-12-18, 04:37
I run sbsd, spyware blaster, a router, norton system works, norton antivirus, run windows xp with service pack 2, and all is well just to let you know this together is a great thing and can prevent alot of problems that many people are having with their software.:angel: