View Full Version : Video wont play on a web page

2007-01-31, 21:21
I am getting a White box with a red X in it on the Upper left hand corner of the video screen. The Video will NOT load or play. the site that I am going to is wxx.spinningsinglewingfootball.com ....... I click on the picture like it says then it takes to me the video page and the X appears. Anybody know of a fix????? I also have been to other web pages that it does the same thing as well when trying tio view video. Pictures do show up just not Video

2007-02-01, 06:36
Hi there.
This link may help. :) http://www.java.com/en/download/help/5000040200.xml

2007-02-05, 18:44
Thanks for the reply. went there did that still doesnt work??? Any other ideas out there???

2007-02-05, 23:19
Have you Googled to find something that is pertinent to your situation and Operating System?

There are many factors involved in receiving such an error; for instance the web page icons may not have been created correctly.

By the way, my own test:

Opera wouldn't allow spinningsinglewingfootball.com's video to run. Firefox froze on it and I had to kill the process. :fear:

2007-02-16, 17:14
FYI ..... I downloaded WM 11 and they play now. Thanks for your help with this matter:)

2007-02-16, 18:12
Thank you for letting us know. :cool: