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2007-02-02, 22:26
I own a small computer business in Cleveland Ohio.

I was wondering, since I use this software so much, if there was any links or banners for spybot that I could attach to my site. Hopefully it will help out my customers and encourage them to donate.

If anyone knows anything about this and could email me I would sure appreciate it.


Amber :)

I removed the email address for your safety against spambots. ;) Also the link to your business because it could look like advertising. :eek:

2007-02-03, 00:35
Hi there.

A few links for you.

On the License page: http://www.safer-networking.org/en/license/index.html

Safer-Networking Mirror Policy: http://www.safer-networking.org/en/mirrorpolicy/index.html

I took a look at your site :) and see you offer maintenance for up to ten units per client.

If installing Spybot-S&D, a corporate license is necessary for those who are not individual persons using the software for their own personal use:

Hope that helps.