View Full Version : Need User Feedback: Trend Micro finds 107 HOST "spies?!"

2007-02-06, 05:59
I enabled the host file protection and when my Trend Micro scanned it searched nearly 3,000 hosts files and labeled 107 "suspects" and high privacy threat.

When I asked for more info. about each item, however, it said that not all hosts files are spyware. Gee, that's helpful.

Is this a usual false positive when enabling Spybot's hosts option?

Why didn't it find all of the files "suspect?"

The 107 were all grouped under two items:

Adware_Memwatcher (94 items)
TSPYW_Small (13 items).

It won't let me copy the results to paste here. :fear:

2007-02-12, 08:32

usually protection software creates logfiles after scanning, try to find one of those within Trend Micro, alternatively posting a screenshot may also be helpfull. But the log is prefered though.

Actually there have been false positives related to the hosts file in the past, this was often based on the different reasons for blocking certain hosts.
In this case Trend Micro may use different criterias then we do, or they may have applied other flags in checking those hosts. It is also possible that the status of some hosts changed so that the way we block them does not appear to be valid to Trend Micro anymore.

It is best if you can post a log, or at least a screenshot so we can checkout the hosts in question.