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2007-02-07, 16:42
Hi, Im Carlos, I speak english more or less... Im form Peru... (My native idiom is Spanish)

I have a great idea. I can translate the spybot s&d to "Shipibo" for free.

I love the free software, we can chat in MSN, My personal mail is:

I am a student of hight school and I making a project about Free Software in Shipibo... I have some parents and friends who speak shipibo, I know some things about programing

Mi nick in the internet is: C4RL05J0S3

I am 16 years old. Im admin of some web pages like:

Im super moderator in some forums like:

My personal webpage is: (I build it alone)

I hope contact with you and can help for the project of Spyboy s&d...


email address removed for your protection against spambots. :eek:
Removed URLS.

2007-02-07, 17:12
Hi there.

Thank you for your offer, I will bring to Team's attention. Regards.