View Full Version : New features: 1.4 vs. 1.5 beta??

2007-02-16, 00:15
I've downloaded the 1.5 beta after running 1.4 for a while. I want to know what are the new features of 1.5??

*Heuristic detection (?) -- completely new?
*Processes added -- HOW DOES THIS WORK?

?Hosts added too?

One suggestion: If you peruse ratings site, Spybot takes a big hit on GUI (looks). I really like the bw skin and would recommend it as a more appealing (but not too exotic) default skin.

2007-02-17, 19:13
Sorry, I don't really understand what you're referring too ;)

b/w skin? We're not really into skins. If the user prefers a special kind of colorset, he can use Windows to toggle all his applications to look that way. All those special looks just disturb that ;)

Heuristics? Use the search function, I've explained about those before ;)

"Processes added" - what exactly do you mean by that? A process is an image of an executable file in memory while running. We do not "add processes"... well, our programs are mapped into memory while running, but that's true for every running program.

"Hosts added too" - well, hosts get added to the blacklist with every update, I have no idea what special 1.5 feature you refer to by that either.

2007-02-17, 19:23
To get Spybot into greater use, GUI is important. Not for computer geeks but for the rest of the world whom we also want to protect, no? If they are not protected, we are less protected. GUI is mentioned time and again. Think about a "prettier" GUI.

"Adding" processes -- to the blacklist, I meant.

Adding HOSTs. I mean when I upgraded to 1.5, the number of blacklisted processes (and hosts?) skyrocketed! This is something to toot about.

Thanks for all the great work. I suppose I'm just asking for a K.I.S.S. explanation for other potential users: why switch back to spybot? Well, because . . .