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2007-02-16, 17:05
Hi! I am new in this forum but ı have been using spybot for 2 years and ı am from turkey :bigthumb: hello to all :) well... whatever I couldn't see a place to post a suggestion so ı just posted it in here. As you know there is a tool ie resident in spybot for internet explorer. ı think spybot team should add a security tool for firefox too. will it be possible in the new version and when will the ne version be announced.

2007-02-19, 14:19

We are sorry, but the Immunization does not work for Firefox, it is only for the Internet Explorer. ActiveX isnīt supported by Firefox, so there is no need for protection there.
Maybe in one of the coming versions there will be a bad download blocker for Firefox, but not at the moment.

Best regards
Team Spybot