View Full Version : Registry change alert dialog not working

2005-10-28, 20:22
When Spybot lets me know that a value in the registry has been changed, the warning dialog box doesn't function correctly. The label for the "Remember this..." on the left extends further right than it should, and a grey area extends over the main control button; I cannot choose "OK". The result is that I am unable to tell Spybot that a specific change is acceptable. So in most cases I cannot install anything. It never did this before. What is going on? I have run a complete virus check and complete Spybot check and supposedly everything is OK. :confused:

OH and in addition, when I try to email Spybot, the email link does not work!

2005-10-28, 20:50

This is a little bug in version 1.4. We have already been able to locate and fix it. The fix will be downloadable with our next program upgrade. We hope that it will be available soon.