View Full Version : Which internet security would be best?

2007-02-23, 15:38
I am going to be switching internet security software, preferable today (my Norton subscription is up and I would like to replace it) and I would just like some opinions on which works best if any of you would like to comment.

I would like an antivirus and firewall package so I am trying to decide between AVG Internet Security and Panda Internet Security 2007.

Does anyone know of any reason to choose one over the other? Price is the same. Anyone know anything about their support, ease of use, etc?

Any info would be appreciated.


2007-02-23, 16:15
On second thought, I don't HAVE to have a package.

I know a lot of folks use AVG for antivirus and Zonealarm for firewall. I may go with that. I just want to basically be sure that they work well together. I don't want any software conflicts because I'm using two different brands of products that weren't necessarily designed to work together. I will also be using Spybot as well.