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2007-02-23, 19:42

i have send a mail to ask if it is possible to have a little square upon the
first line to check in one time all the line to update in place to check line
per line. And if i will to uncheck a line it is possible to do that.

Some month ago all the update were upon one line but now we have 3 or 4.



md usa spybot fan
2007-02-23, 20:40
After doing a "Search for updates" and receiving the list of updates available you can right click on the list and then "Select all". If there are individual updates that you do not want after doing a "Select all", you can uncheck them.

The reason that there are more items in the current updates then the updates prior to 2006-10 13 is that rather than deliver one file that included all updates, the files have been split so only those files that require updating each week have to be downloaded. This reduces the total size of download files that are required to keep Spybot current on a week basis as explained here:
Servers upgraded & update size improved

2007-02-23, 21:21

thanks for this response

i see this solution next update