View Full Version : Fixed: .wjr Reget (download manager) Deluxe file!

2007-02-25, 11:20
Hey i have installed Reget Deluxe the full version on my pc.
I ran a S&D check and it said to have found a "Inet Loader"

Because this tag it got i wanted to delete this entry, but without succes!
So i tried to use the restart PC & run S&D option but it still couln't be deleted.

Therefore i started to search the internet what this file extension actually was. Everywhere its saying that its just a "Reget" document, and i found myself this was it as i was searching the registry. Anyway this key can not do any harm to any system, and couldn't even be deleted by S&D so please remove it from the bad file extensions list.


The Netherlands

2007-02-26, 08:56

I can confirm that this is a false positive, it will be removed from detection with the next update , scheduled for the middle of this week.

thanks for reporting.