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2007-02-28, 15:23
Thank You APLUSWEBMASTER, I, a newer user, feel like I have a lot of work to do just to get up to speed!. I use AVG for virus protection and have what I thought was the lastest adobe load,but this staying ahead of the hackers is a full time job in itself! I just got Adobe 8 and the update said up to date, but never the less,I go to the update sites weekly. Maybe the Apple Mac is an answer? But my faith in being reasonbly safe in cyber-world is falling apart quickly.
I appreciate your interpretation of all the info. provided,for when I reveiwed it,I felt it was in pretty good shape! And this coming from someone (me) who purposley stays away from sites know forr spam and phishing.
The price our society pays for freedom,all in all,still well worth it.

Again,Thank you for your time and education.
:eek: My Most Kindest Regards, Dan B.:eek: