View Full Version : Adobe and AOL problem

2007-03-01, 04:39
Hey everyone,

When I turned on my computer today, I noticed in my task manager that an unknown program was running that wasn't running at all before (I monitor my start-up files closely). My brother had used the computer ealier, so I think he was responsible.
The processes belonged to a program called Viewpoint Flash Player. I went to add/remove programs to uninstall it, but the processes were still running. I then went to my program files folders and deleted the last bit of it, which took care of those processes. I noticed that I've had this program since 2005, but today was the first time it was running like that.

After restarting my computer, I opened AOL and got this pop-up asking me if I wanted to install some Adobe program. I selected install, but each time I open AOL for the first time after a restart/turning on the computer, I get that same popup. I'll select install, but it can't do anything since I'm not actually online at that point. After signing on, it still won't install. We also already have Adobe and its updates on the computer, so I don't know why it would pop up like that.
I finally realized there were more options, so I selected 'installed all Adobe products without asking' (or something like that), so the pop-up doesn't show up anymore.

But, I really don't like those settings because I always like to be asked first. Is there any way I can get rid of it and change the settings back? Could uninstalling Viewpoint have something to do with this popup? I'd like to know the cause of it if I can. Thanks in advance!