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2005-12-24, 13:36
First, I wanted to say thank you for taking your time to look at this, I'll be trying my best to be attentative on my side to your advice as quickly as possible.

I was hit by Spy Sheriff this evening and I avoided clicking on that circle on my taskbar. I've been working my way on destroying this menace and so far I was able to remove the homepage hijacking and desktop wallpaper hijacking parts of the program. However, I'm still having those pop ups and I'm not sure what to do from there. How should this be approached? Thanks guys. :)

2005-12-25, 01:33
Welcome NeoShogunMK74

Please go here and follow instructions.
Before you post a log
Post the hjt log here in this thread.
Someone will then take a look at the system and advise you.

2005-12-25, 11:54
Ok, I'm on it! Thank you.

2005-12-28, 16:19
NeoShogunMK74, do you still need assistance?

2005-12-30, 18:47
Due to lack of a response this topic will be archived.