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2007-03-13, 12:45
Hy, there.
i have a problem i canīt resolve...
Iīm using internet at work, and we have a proxy server... apparently, spybot, and other anti-spyware/malware programs, donīt have any function to connect by proxy to download the updates...
is there another way to update the spybot database?
by the way, where is an idea to implement.... :)


md usa spybot fan
2007-03-13, 14:23
To set up access to the integrated update facility through a proxy server:
Go into Spybot > Mode > Advanced mode > Settings > Settings. About 2/3 of the way down the option tree there is a category "Web update". Check the last item in the list "Use proxy to connect to update server". A pop-up will come up were you can enter the information required.
If you are sitting behind a proxy server and need to know what the settings should be, there are hints in the following article on how to find them:
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
The integrated update is not working. Are there any solutions for this?