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2007-03-13, 16:44

- http://www.siteadvisor.com/studies/map_malweb_mar2007.html
March 12, 2007 ~ "Online safety risks are a truly global issue. Yet differences in threats vary significantly by country and other factors, for example:
* A consumer is almost 12 times more likely to encounter a drive-by-download while surfing Russian domains as Columbian ones.
* Registering at a Web site in India results in a 4.3% chance of getting spammy e-mail. Taking the same action with a domain registered in China yields a 7.2% chance.
* 5.2% of Vietnamese Web sites have risky downloads. Just 0.5% of Singaporean sites host such files.
* 2.7 million times every month, casual Web surfers visit risky Dutch Web sites. Even though Hong Kong has approximately the same percentage of risky Web sites, those risky domains receive just 52,000 clicks each month..."

(More detail and graphics from the study available at the URL above.)