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2007-03-28, 01:36
I have heard from several people that IE7 is much more secure than previous versions or even Firefox. I came to ask, is this true? By security I mean the ability to repel automatic downloads/key loggers that run on active x exploits or other kinds. Also, how does it stand up with the add-on "noscript?"

2007-03-29, 02:32
It'd s a little dated,but there's an article here:

2007-03-29, 02:42
There are some "reported weaknesses and vulnerabilities" here,so you can look at any problems,or what have you:

From this site:
(There's a lot more about IE7 there,also.)

2007-04-02, 23:46
I second the link Zenobia posted to Sandi Hardmeier's Welcome to IE-Vista (http://www.ie-vista.com/)

2007-04-03, 20:02

I agree that IE7 is more secure than previous versions, but more secure than FF2?

In my opinion FF2 is less vulnerable for malware because it is stricktly separated from the Microsoft Windows OS and it doesn't support AxtiveX.

FF2 with NoScript also seems to be less vulnerable for Exploits, although a fair comparrison with IE7 is difficult in this matter. There are simply more exploits for IE7 than for FF2.

FF2 is 'out of the box' pretty safe, but I always advise to use it with the extensions NoScript, Adblock Plus and CookieSafe to enhance security and privacy.

The only thing I don't like about FF2 is the Client-side session and persistent storage feature. I want to share that because a lot of FF2 users never heard of it. Simply said it acts like a kind of super cookie so that websites can exchange data with the local data storage. I always advise to switch that off. You can do that in the Firefox configuration : In the Firefox adres bar type about:config than Enter. Look for the item dom.storage.enabled and right click on it. Toggle the value from True in False. Thats all.

Just my 2 cents in the hope it is apreciated this time.

Greetz, Red.

2007-04-04, 19:11
Understanding Protected Mode: Protected Mode is an important step forward in security for Internet Explorer =

Details on Internet Explorer 7's security improvements = http://articles.techrepublic.com.com/5100-10877_11-6128517.html +

IE7 Download = http://www.microsoft.com/windows/downloads/ie/getitnow.mspx

Internet Explorer 7 support = http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/support/default.mspx

Before installing IE7; possible install problems = http://msmvps.com/blogs/spywaresucks/archive/2006/10/18/182724.aspx


Enhance Internet Explorer 7 = http://www.enhanceie.com/ie/tweaks.asp


http://malaysia.search.yahoo.com/search?p=%22IE7+problems+%22&y=All+the+Web&ei=UTF-8&fr=ks-ans&x=wrt = IE7 problems


2007-04-05, 17:31
Thanks for the advice on securing my FF2! I just took all the steps you mentioned and feel so safe and comfy! -tortuga

md usa spybot fan
2007-04-05, 22:57
Thanks for the advice on securing my FF2! I just took all the steps you mentioned and feel so safe and comfy! -tortuga

I trust that you are running Firefox for that sense of security:
Firefox v2.0.0.3, v1.5.0.11 released

2007-04-06, 03:19
Our spying friend is right : Be safe, be up to date :)

Greetz, Red.

2007-06-14, 18:13
it has this Anti phishing tool..but i feel IE7 loads really slow when we initally open it..

2007-06-14, 22:36
Good luck :bigthumb: their is so many problems with stuff who knows. what is going to happen.