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2005-10-29, 05:17
O.k-let's start by me being completly honest...I am so stupid when it comes to computers it is sad. I am trying to learn, and have made some progress, but I am WAY out of my league with this. I have SpyBot, Ad-Aware, Spywareblaster..I think that's all. I run scans, fix problems, check boxes, delete files...I have done it all today. But as soon as I reboot, they are back. When I go under my spybot tools BHO's it shows a big red x with the booked space running. I delete it, but again, reboot and there it is. You can laugh, make fun of me...whatever, just please tell me what to do in layman's terms...go slow and MAYBE I can follow:o !

2005-10-30, 03:53
Hello happyhomemaker. :)

In order for the infection to be removed entirely you will need to go to a forum that removes malware using a program called HijackThis. (HJT)

A good place to start:

Choose a site from the list on the left hand side of that page.
It is a long list so to shorten it in no particular order:

MalWare Removal
Spyware Warrior

Once at the site read the procedure for posting a HJT log, start your own topic and an authorized helper will assist you as soon as possible.
Hang in there. ;)

Be sure to read the site's faqs for tips on prevention and tightening up your computer security.

Bookmark this link:
Simple and easy ways to keep your computer safe and secure on the Internet (http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/tutorial82.html)

Hope that helps. :)

2005-10-30, 21:03
Thanks so much for answering!!! I will post a log over there.....you know, pencil and paper never gave me this much trouble!!!! Maybe I am not cut out to be in the computer age yet!!:rolleyes: