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2005-12-28, 10:02
hi there.

sorry to reach into the dark like this, but i don't really know how this works.

i am yet another spyaxe victim. in doing a google search for anything i could find about this thing, i came across a few message threads on these boards between techies and other victims that seemed to work out, so i figured i'd give you a shot...

through cnet.com, i found out about the spyaxe fix created by noahdfear, along with the installation instructions and suggestions for clean-up via ewino, ad aware, spybot, etc. i followed the instructions EXACTLY, but spyaxe just seems to keep reinstalling itself (assuming it was actually removed in the first place).

i am computer-knowledgable, but not very savvy. but i'm sure i could manage with a little instruction. any advice anyone could give would be appreciated.


2005-12-28, 10:51
You could ask for help in the malware removal forum.

The instructions are here:

malware forum:

2005-12-29, 18:41
hello all - i used adware away (NB: not adaware) to successfully remove spyaxe from my system. it took me the better part of a few hours to figure out how to get rid of it.

2005-12-29, 19:36
User already fixed up here:

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