View Full Version : Latest TeaTimer nowhere to be found

2007-04-08, 23:24
I see mentioned. I installed Spybot 1.5 beta on a new computer, I do have the option to check for beta versions checked, yet it doesn't detect any newer versions than

I happen to have from an older install, but it seems the update process is broken:

- none of my installs detect this version that I see mentioned
- a new Spybot install does not detect any newer versions past

What's going on here? Any direct links to get and what's new in this version?


2007-04-09, 01:27
I was wondering this myself. I've downladed all the 1.5 teatimer.exe manually as they've been linked on the forum. saw the referenece PepiMK made to awhile back but can;t find a link. To test if the update was getting teatimer I deleted the contents of my upload directory, thus confusing Spybot into thinking it hadn't downloaded anything before. It dowloaded all the detection rules and descriptions, advcheck.dll (1.5.1 & 1.5.2), tools.dll but no teatimer!?

2007-04-09, 14:55
I have the same problem like you two. ;)

Let's hope that a member of Spybot will give us an answer. :D:

2007-04-17, 17:34
ı also cant find the newest version. it seems like theye are trying to hide the new versions :P . why dont you put a dirent link in the main page

2007-04-17, 18:09
PepiMK - where are you?

2007-04-17, 20:13
PepiMK is very busy developing program upgrades, but I will be sure to let him know of this topic. :p:

2007-04-18, 16:20
I think that was the MaxBuild problem... updates have a flag that tells Spybot up to which release they should appear (since newer releases already contain them anyway)... did have a bug in that date imho. Should be fixed with todays updates :)

Which will also include an advcheck.dll update.

Sorry for the delay, we had some problems with the upstream today, updates should now be available.