View Full Version : TeaTimer - how do I take something off the blacklist?

2005-12-28, 16:12
I accidentally clicked to allow an item on the startup list but meant to click don't allow. Now it won't let me take it off. How can I access the blacklist so that I can take the entry off the startup list?

2005-12-28, 16:32

You can edit the entries that TeaTimer uses to automatically "Allow" or "Deny" changes that were based on the use of "Remember this decision" as follows:
Right click on the TeaTimer system tray icon and select "Settings". This will bring up TeaTimer's "White & Black List". There are four (4) Buttons across the top of the "White & Black List":

Allowed processes
Blocked processes
Allowed registry changes
Blocked registry changes

If you don't see all four buttons, try expanding the window to the right.

You can review all the entries that you have stored by clicking on these buttons. The entries that you should review are in "Blocked registry changes". You can delete entries by clicking on the scripted black "X" to the right of the entry that you want to delete and then clicking the "OK" button when you're done. This will in effect make TeaTimer forget what you told it to remember so that during future changes to these items TeaTimer will issue a pop-up dialog rather then just a notification pop-up.

Hope that helps.

2005-12-28, 16:35
It appears to be off for now - and staying off.

2005-12-28, 17:00
Thank you for letting us know, see how it goes. :)

2005-12-30, 01:01
:band: I'm having the same problem myself, where because of the bug w/ the <Allow Change> button not being visible, I was denied a change. I turned off TeaTimer, rebooted, & then my McAfee updates installed Ok. However, I went back to turn TeaTimer back ON & then that registry entry was again "Denied" (or blocked).

To complicate things even further, I don't have the system tray icons. I guess I didn't install them when asked, (since I usually run SpyBot from an Icon in my Desktop & don't have a need for separate icons in the System Tray), I don't remember, but I am certain they are not there.

(Q-???) So, the question is, How can I access TeaTimer's Settings, & thus the "White & Black List" w/o the system tray icons? I looked around but I can't find how to to this (access TeaTimer's Settings).


2005-12-30, 16:19
Open Spybot-S&D>Mode>Advanced>Tools>Resident.
Make sure the box is checked for 'Resident TeaTimer"

The icon should appear in the tray; if it does not close Spybot and re-open it.
If the icon is now in the tray then follow the instructions above.

2005-12-31, 14:44
I thought I'd have a look at my own White & Black List, but it's empty.

I had a look at Resident.log and it's as long as my arm!

Is there any setting I should change to make the entries in the log appear in the White & Black List?

md usa spybot fan
2005-12-31, 15:49

Items will only be included in the "White & Black List" under the "Allowed registry changes" and "Blocked registry changes" buttons if you checked "Remember this decision" on a registry change. If the "White & Black List" list is empty, than Spybot is not using any stored entries to automatically "Allow" or "Deny" registry changes.