View Full Version : Help with the Forums, please?

2007-04-11, 14:09
Last time I was on this website, I used to click on a link that would show me who was online and who was offline...

Now I can't seem to find that link.

I like to watch the members of the site and follow their trail of work...
It tends to be very educating.

But now, I can't find the link...

can anyone help?

2007-04-11, 14:52
Once you've logged in click on the quick links tab on the menu and the who's online option is at the bottom of the list. :) (it's not there unless you log in.)

md usa spybot fan
2007-04-11, 15:06
Also, if you are in the main page of any forum (Tavern (http://forums.spybot.info/forumdisplay.php?f=19) for example) or in a topic. Near the bottom of the page there is pull down menu labeled Forum Jump. Select Who's Online in that menu. Note: you must be logged on to use that option.

2007-04-11, 21:25
thanks guys...

everyone here at SS&D is great

keep up the good work everyone!