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2007-04-15, 16:21
Hello. I´ve been playing wow for a long time now and i always seem to have random disconnects. I checked the blizzard site and used their solution whihc helps for 99% of the time. However, i still have disconnects :mad: . Might any of you ´experienced´ guys help me out? (i went to my lan-connection, clicked on configure NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller--> Advanced --> disabled 'Checksum upload' , ' Segmentation offload en i've put optimize to ' throughput'. This didn't fix the problem however :()
I hope you can help me, though it's an ' offpost'.
(ps. My ventrilo also disconnects, but i'm not sure that this has anything to do with it, though it looks like it)

2007-04-15, 16:56
nvm, wrong post... srry

2007-04-15, 18:24
'Blizzard can't help me further', meaning it's my routers foult?... Is there a way i can see my router causing the disconnect? any help with that please?

2007-04-15, 19:16

You would probably receive helpful advice if you posted Router inquiries here: BroadBand Reports. (http://www.dslreports.com/nsearch?q=routers&action=Go) :)