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2005-10-29, 19:01
latest defs detected two dap locations
not detected for many previous scans
did you update definitions or did DAP respawn?
DAP has respawned in the past
It cannot completly load as I hae it blocked in firewall, hosts, etc

2005-10-29, 20:33
Hello wyrmrider. :)

Could we see the results of a scan please, you can just post the top part of the log showing:
The detection.
Spybot Version.
Definition updates.


2005-10-30, 02:31
10-28-2005 regular and beta definitions

--- Search result list ---
Download Accelerator Plus: User settings (Registry key, nothing done)
HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\&Download with &DAP

Download Accelerator Plus: User settings (Registry key, nothing done)
HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\Download &all with DAP

I'm glad you catch this- no one else does
although I have not tried spyware doctor recently it used to
counterspy and ad-aware do not
I may run a pet patrol scan later

2005-10-30, 02:49
Hi there.

I will ask one of the detectives to take a look at your topic on monday.

(Thanks bitman, I missed that.)

2005-10-30, 05:02
Download Accelerator Plus is listed in this weeks Beta Detections. Don't know if they're new or being modified.

2005-10-30, 12:48

Make and run this registry file , it will (should) delete those entries
Launch Notepad (not wordpad), and copy and paste the Bolded below into a new text file.
Save it as file name: "fixme.reg" (not including the quotes). Save as file type: All files (*.*) and save it on your Desktop.


[-HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\&Download with &DAP]
[-HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\Download &all with DAP]

Now double-click on the fixme.reg file you saved and click on the Yes button when it asks if you would like to merge the information. Once you get a successful message delete fixme.reg.

2005-10-31, 13:33
that's not the concern mr jones
I had deleted these before and they keep coming back
methinks there must be a hidden dll that tries to reactivate DAP
I've got it locked down but without blocking I'd next get messages like
your DAP is out of date please update
new version
etc etc
It's impossible to remove dap from add-remove
it just deactivates it
but this is yet another way to get reactivated

I would like to know if detections are new or modified
Spybot has detected these same two entries in the past but not recently
I thought they were gone- by visual registry check several months ago
I still have a speadsheet with several hundred dap crap entries

2005-10-31, 13:40

SSD sometimes has problem with entries in HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT
humor me and try that reg import, Unless youve attempted to manualy delete those with regedit already

2005-10-31, 17:19
I'm going to leave them for awhile and scan with counterspy
giant used to pick these up but CS did not- going to ask them why not
also try some of the other scanners- spyware doctor and aluria also used to find
when I was removing dap several years ago each of those scanners would find 40-50 fragments that the others would not but I think all would find those two.
megabytes of dap crap, hidden files, encrypted files, locked files
all unnecessary for a simple downloader
which we now know is a front for spyware AND adware
spysweeper and ad-aware were no help yet ad-aware had a remover at one time but I have not been able to find it
spybot has been the only one to consistently target THANKS
opt out works for me

what I'm trying to determine is if spybot changed it's definitions and the other poster says that's possible

or if spybot sometimes catches and sometimes not

or when these two items reappeared
and if so what's the trigger
hint- it's usually after a w98 reinstall or big crash

manual removal works for me
I'm a little dyslexic and typing long strings and then using regedit merge scares me more than manual



ps as a junior member I am in good company

2005-10-31, 18:32
"what I'm trying to determine is if SpyBot changed it's definitions and the other poster says that's possible"
Quote from Bitman
"Download Accelerator Plus is listed in this weeks Beta Detections. Don't know if they're new or being modified."
This might help in the future:
What i do is check for and fix any problems found with SpyBot, then get the updates and check again to see if anything new shows, then again with the beta includes.


2005-10-31, 19:06
I'm going to keep the two items around till next update as you suggested
they're locked down and harmless
I just posted at Sunbelt
try and see why CS did not find these
second time this month for reappearance

2005-11-07, 10:12

Download Accelerator Plus 7.5 has been added to detection in PUPS Category.
This means that the overall detection on DAP has been modified.
During review we encountered that DAP 7.5 cannot be uninstalled, the user needs to contact speedbit support for uninstallation and can only disable the software.
Also it has malicious and/or suspicious advertising partners like funwebproducs, but speedbit denies any responsibility concerning the advertising shown by DAP.