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2005-12-29, 16:24
I've been infected when I installed MSN Messenger Plus.... :buried:

Now unknown internet addresses attempt to change my Start Page and browser search bar in Internet Explorer repeatedly, at a very fast pace.

SPS&D Resident shows me a window asking to block or allow changes. How do I block ALL with SPSD&D and not have a window open in my face every 15 seconds??? I have checked the place where to "block silently dangerous addresses for IE" but it doesn't work... :(

Can you help??? :confused:

Thank you. :)


shelf life
2005-12-30, 16:34
hi Franette,
see info in this link:


at least try a online scan or two, download,update and run spybot.

there are also instructions for and links to download hjt.
scan with it, save the log and post the hjt log in this thread in your next reply.

shelf life

2006-01-07, 20:52
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