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2005-12-29, 23:24
I have contracted the Pipas.A Trojan. Spybot detects it and removes it until I reboot Then it returns. I have tried to remove the file with regedit in safe mode and system restore turned off, only to have the file return when I reboot. I have run Housecalls, NAV, MacAffee and spybot Many times with the same results. Please help! How do I get rid of this PEST! Thank you!

2005-12-30, 03:50
Please go here and follow instructions.
Before you post a log (http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=288)

2005-12-30, 04:52
Thank you tashi for reading my submission. As you could tell when you read it, I HAD complied with the "before you post" thrtead you had taken your time to write. I Had run the Trend Micro AND the McAffee,I had run the SpyBot S&D 1.4...that's how I found this nasty Pipas.A Trojan/Spyware. The "before you post" thread instructs to "post a log When Asked To" which I haven't been asked to yet. I'm hoping an Expert in SpyBot S&D will know what is the problem before I'm asked to post the log...maybe that's you! BUT Thanks again for taking your time to respond in Any way.

2005-12-30, 05:24
I tried to paste a copy of the S&D log at the end of this post like I'm instructed to do but it was too long to post :( what now? The Malware forum? I'll try there.

2005-12-30, 14:31
Member has posted in the Malware removal forum.

2005-12-30, 14:38
Yikes...not a good sign...the HJT log was read but no reply to it:confused:

2005-12-30, 15:11
backstage8, are you reading the pinned topics in the malware forum?

If you have waited three days for advice post here. (http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?p=4836#post4836)

Please try to be patient, we have many people requesting advice over the holiday season.

Someone will take a look as soon as possible. ;)