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spybot_S&D user
2007-04-30, 06:24
hi i am glad to be back. ok here are my 2 problems one is on my computer and one is on my friends computer.i will start of with mine my problem is with my mouse it's a microsoft intelimouse usb sometimes when i click stuff it sometimes thinks that i clicked it twice then if ti click it very lightly it will think i clicked it more than twice is this a software problem or are microsoft mouses just bad next. this is a problem my friend has i know it's not much to worry about but i just want to know if there is a way to keep this from happening.i recently switched from ie it ff and just a few days ago i got an ie pop-up and it was not even open and i haven't used it since i got firefox.is there a way to keep it from happening again?

2007-05-07, 17:07
Hi there.

I saw you posted here: If you have waited four days for advice post here (http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?p=4836#post4836), which is a topic for our members in the Malware removal forum.

This forum, the Tavern, is "A place to chat or ask questions that are not related to Spybot-S&D support/tools or malware removal"


Cheers. :)