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2005-12-30, 02:13
I was getting ready to post my logs here to ask for help with a SpyAxe problem, after having spent most of a day earlier in the week trying to scrub my laptop. However, following the instructions posted here seem to have cleared up the problem - my efforts following similar instructions a few days ago didn't. So instead of some log files, I just wanted to say thanks for the directions that seemed to work better than what I had been trying.

And just in an effort to post something worthwhile, I think the only difference in what I did today successfully as opposed to earlier efforts is the reboot you listed between running Ad-Aware SE and Ewido. Not sure why that would have made a difference, but it seems to have. Thanks again.


2005-12-30, 03:02
Hello Finolin.

Glad the topic helped and feel free to post a hjt log here in this thread if you would like a helper to double check.


2006-01-07, 20:48
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