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2007-05-03, 03:42
After DL todays defs I ran a scan and this is what came up.I double checked with a scan with Ad-aware and SAS.--Both clean.
Are these FP,s????
ICQ-SpyMonitor: Root class (Registry key, nothing done)

ICQ-SpyMonitor: Class ID (Registry key, nothing done)

ICQ-SpyMonitor: Root class (Registry key, nothing done)

ICQ-SpyMonitor: Class ID (Registry key, nothing done)

ICQ-SpyMonitor: Root class (Registry key, nothing done)

ICQ-SpyMonitor: Class ID (Registry key, nothing done)

2007-05-03, 19:12
Has anyone got an answer for this????or should it have been posted in FP section??
Came from yesterdays DL of defs....(05/02/07 )

2007-05-03, 22:44
Just thought I'd chime in that I also have some machines reporting these ICQ-SpyMonitor registry entries and that there are a few other discussions in other forums about it as well.

As far as I know, these machines are clean. Hopefully I'm right :)

2007-05-04, 00:31
Thank you for reporting, I will bring this to our detectives attention. :)

2007-05-04, 00:40
I'm also getting a false positive for ICQ-SpyMonitor

Class ID

Root class

I know what's triggering this - the genealogy software program I support, Legacy Family Tree, uses the cia files. We run into this problem all the time with spyware scanners wanting to delete the cia files as well as actbar.ocx, which we also use.

When those files are deleted, our program won't work at all!

If you need to check out the program, you can download it from LegacyFamilyTree.com.

I hope you get it fixed quickly because I recommend your program to a lot of our customers!


Customer Support
Millennia Corporation

2007-05-04, 02:56
I got the same FP today after i updated Spybot and scanned. I updated Spy Sweeper and scanned and Spy Sweeper found nothing

2007-05-04, 10:03

thanks for reporting and posting information on this.

This fps will be removed from the detection rules with the next update.
It appears to be related to a skinning software , company name is stated with CIA, The company.

Cathy M
2007-05-08, 17:48
I've just ran a scan with Spybot, and found ICQ Spymonitor, and deleted it for the second time.
The first time I didn't realise that this then gave me an error message on my Legacy 6 Standard application, so panicked, uninstalled it, moaning that now I've lost all my tree files etc, of 1560 ancesters!!
Re-installed Legacy which didn't want to load properly at all. Finally got it to load, after burning the midnight oil!!
Was working great, and to my delight, it had all my files appear. So was happy again.
Now, I've just got the ICQ Spymonitor again in my scan, deleted it, and lo and behold, it's made my Legacy stop working again, now I get, an error has occurred Legacy has to close.
Please can someone tell me how to sort this, as don't want to have to keep re-installing Legacy.
Is it a problem with Spybot or Legacy?