View Full Version : Adobe Reader Problems

2007-05-03, 05:18
I just wanted to see if anybody out there has had the same problem I have been having. I tried to update my acrobat reader to the newest version 8.0 (for no reason except my dell thing popped up and told me I should). Now I cannot open any pdf files and I cannot install any version of adobe reader or un-install. It keeps looking for the original installation disk (which I never had). I found the exact error on the adobe website and they said to download the installer again and open it but it does not work either. Please let me know if you are having the same problems or know how to fix mine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

spybot_S&D user
2007-05-03, 05:24
i haven't had this problem but i have to tips that may fix your problem.your problem may lie in the registry if it's just not letting you download it then maybe try deleting the cookie that is from adobe.that may help so you will be able to re-install it hope that helps:D:

2007-05-03, 18:15
Thanks for the information. In the process of searching how to delete the cookie I found out what my problem really was. I had to install Windows Install Utility Cleanup package and manually delete the "problem" version of reader. I guess when I updated I forgot to uninstall the older version first and it created all kinds of trouble. Mostly my own fault though for not uninstalling the old version. Thanks again.