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2005-12-30, 11:55
It will be much appreciated if anybody can spare some time. Yesterday Zone Alarm started to give warnings "explorer trying to transmit email...". At each reboot, the ethereal logs shows several MX DNS requests for a variety of domains (domains change at every reboot). There are also periodic requests to smtp.mail.ru and smtp.yandex.ru

Scans with below came up clean
AVG Free 7.1.371
SB S&D 1.4
Ad-aware 1.06r1
ewido anti-malware 3.5
Panda online
Symantec online
Bitdefender online
TrendMicro online


shelf life
2005-12-31, 06:19
hi neurotran,

nothing really stands out in the log.is this a workplace computer?

i havent used za in a long time. under the programs tab. how many IE are listed and whats the path to them?

you might try this also:

start>settings>Control Panel>Internet options.


Click on Delete Cookies.

Click on Delete Files, Make sure Delete all offline content is checked and then click on OK

Then click on Settings, then click on View Files if there is any thing in there, delete it.

Then at the top in the address bar, at the end where it says:

\Temporary Internet Files

change it to \Temp then hit enter and delete whats in there

shelf life

2006-01-07, 21:23
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