View Full Version : Simple feature request...

2007-05-07, 03:42
Hello all and spybot...

This is not really a feature but rather a text add on request..lol

* After spybot finishes the scan and List the Files Found...
* It should say what the file type is beside the name :
(without having to expand [x]thefilename to see what type it is.)

Something Like:
| File Found | | Type |

[X] someName.32bit (Trojan)
[X] SiteStat.tracker (Cookie)
[X] adman55.32log (Adware)

Thanks for making spybot such a usefull tool. :-)

2007-05-08, 04:41
I like that suggestion. If it is a simple one to implement, I hope to see it in an update soon.:bigthumb: