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2007-05-09, 08:48
Spybott 1.4 always picks up the following:-
Microsoft windowssecuritycentre.Firewalloverride and Microsoft Windows.Security.internetExplorer.

I followed other threads, with near similar error, to eliminate this but have not been successful. If this requires messing about in the registry, then I will just keep it as it is, as I am scared stiff of altering anying in the registry.
I have a Dell Dimension 4600, windows XP sp2.

2007-05-09, 10:34
To follow-up the above, this is what I found in the FAQ's, BUT I cannot do this as it is not highlighted in my Spybot.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Spybot-S&D flag changes in the Windows Security Center? [link]
Since the Detections Update from July 25, 2005, Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.4 has been detecting Security Risks (renamed to "Windows Security Center" on July 30) associated with Microsoft Security Center Registry changes. This is neither a false positive nor a bug. It is just an information.
Spybot-S&D only wants to bring to your attention that "someone" disabled one or more notifications in the Windows Security Center, e.g. the notifications that your virus protection is not active or not up-to-date.

If you changed the settings yourself you can safely tell Spybot to exclude those detections from further scans.
In order to do so please right-click each in turn, then click "exclude this detection from future scans". That way, should any other part of security center settings change, Spybot will still detect those.
The same is true if you have another security solution installed (like McAfee Security Center or Norton Internet Security). These programs also disable the Windows Security Center in order to take care of things themselves.

The reason why the changes are flagged by Spybot-S&D is that there are also malware programs that disable the notifications so the user doesn't take note of his security tools not being effective.

Some more information is also available in our forum.

md usa spybot fan
2007-05-09, 17:09

Please post a log of the actual detections you are getting so that we can see the registry entries being detected. To do that:
Run another scan.
When the scan completes, right click on the results list, select "Copy results to clipboard".
Then paste (Ctrl+V) those results to a new post in this thread.