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md usa spybot fan
2007-05-09, 22:24
What do these five words have in common?
Answer in one week if no one gets the commonalty between the words.

2007-05-16, 23:31
Is this the answer:All the words were posted by md usa spybot fan? :laugh:

Has it been a week yet?This has me stumped,no way can I get it.

2007-05-17, 02:28
Beats me. :spider:

2007-05-17, 18:24
Wow... women taking over the world and stealing all the guys monies ?

Gorge - To splurge
Funfair - a fair
Feminine - Of the female sex
Pendent - Hanging down / to take over
Besiege - to take over


Keith Warner
2007-05-17, 19:20
Ya got me hangin'!

:scratch: KW

md usa spybot fan
2007-05-20, 21:43
Each word begins with the word five in different languages:
Gorge - Go (Japanese) 五
Funfair - Fünf (German)
Feminine - Fem (Danish)
Pendent - Pende (Greek)
Besiege - Bes (Turkish)

2007-05-21, 01:01
Oh,I see,it was an easy one.
:thud: :buried:


2007-05-21, 11:08
new one :D:

2008-05-10, 16:11
any more?

i like a good word game :)

2008-11-03, 15:51
Strictly speaking...

'Fünf' does not begin with 'Fun' as 'ü' and 'u' are different (the Germans have more than 26 letters in their alphabet). If you do not use the letter 'ü' you would need to write it as 'ue' so the word 'Fünf' would then be 'Fuenf'.

But hey... interesting riddle, all the same!

md usa spybot fan
2008-11-03, 16:48

Gee I'm shocked. That came from a "Mensa Brain Bafflers" puzzle book. I don't know how they could let that slip by.

2009-01-16, 00:07
Go is actually not written the way md usa spybot fan wrote it, because that's five in Chinese not Japanese.

Here is five in Hiragana.

2011-04-02, 06:05
You are enclosed in a room with four walls, a ceiling and a floor. There are no doors nor windows. In the room are the following items:

One Table
One Mirror

How do you get out?


2011-04-03, 18:39
You chant "Mirror, mirror on the wall... How can I escape these walls?"

Then there be a portal you can jump into in the mirror.

2011-04-04, 15:39
1. Look in the mirror.

2. See what you saw.

3. Take the saw.

4. Cut the table in half.

5. Two halves make a whole.

6. Mispell the word whole.

7. Now you have a hole.

8. Crawl out of the hole!


2012-01-13, 05:08
Six glasses are in a row.
The first three are full of juice; the second three are empty.
By moving only one glass, can you arrange them so empty and full glasses alternate?

Will have the answer in a week.

2012-01-17, 18:59
Pour the juice from the second glass into the fifth glass.

Hmm... Anybody there?