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2007-05-10, 00:16
well it turns out the spelling bee forum i started does quite match up with the competition im practicing for. Its actually a vocabualry contest, so if you want to play, post a word of the day, (or four words a day i dont care) with its definition. and check out the competition, in case you want in.. www.winwithwords.com (http://www.winwithwords.com)

first word,

hobbledehoy \HOB-uhl-dee-hoy\, noun:
An awkward, gawky young fellow.

2007-10-21, 13:39
an offering.

2007-11-15, 07:10
Ogygian....ancient, primeval

2007-12-19, 12:27


-lacking the least bit of courage : contemptibly fainthearted

2008-01-15, 18:36
explorer - a searcher of the unknown

from L. explorare "investigate, search out," said to be originally a hunters' term meaning "set up a loud cry," from ex- "out" + plorare "to cry."

Aiieeeee!! Blue screen again!!!!

Hmmmm... now we know...

2008-04-15, 10:56
contumaciousness ....act of being stubborn or obstinant

2008-04-15, 11:07
oik....lower class person. Together make a pretty good insult..as in 'dont be such a contumacious oik!'

2008-04-21, 22:39
Acrimonious. :bitterness or spitefulness in speech.

2008-09-03, 22:48

a reddish yellow pigment that occurs in the bile and blood that causes jaundice if accumulated in excess.

how was that

2009-01-04, 19:30

I clicked on the link above (winwithwords.com) and received this message:

There is a problem with this website's security certificate.

The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address.

Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.
We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website.
Click here to close this webpage.
Continue to this website (not recommended).
More information

If you arrived at this page by clicking a link, check the website address in the address bar to be sure that it is the address you were expecting.
When going to a website with an address such as https://example.com, try adding the 'www' to the address, https://www.example.com.
If you choose to ignore this error and continue, do not enter private information into the website.

For more information, see "Certificate Errors" in Internet Explorer Help.

2009-01-04, 19:39
Quite interesting, because both Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer showed a similar error. It also seemed to be a secure site (https). It could be possible that the site/server was taken down or no longer active.

2014-12-22, 00:58
Spurious = false

2020-09-17, 22:30
junket - a sweet, custurdlike food of flavored milk curdled with rennet (I have tasted in Spain when I was in my friend's home)

2020-09-19, 11:52
tapioca - a food substance prepared from cassava in granular, flake, pellet, used in puddings as a thickener ( also tried in my friend's property in Spain here (https://tranio.com/spain/), but it is more asian dish)