View Full Version : Is there a virus that tries to run a program called "Program"

2007-05-24, 04:04
I am helping a friend clean up his laptop. I have run Spybot, AVG, AdAware. I went to TrendMicro site and ran their scan and CA's online scan. None of these show any problems. but I periodicly get a "Crash" message saying that "Program" failed, do I want to report it to Microsoft. Also when I start-up the machine I get a message that there is already a program named Program at c:\ and askes if I want to save it as c:\Program7 (I think my friend has already saved it a few times). But when I go to teh C: directory nothing shows there I do have teh setting set to show hidden files and folders. I have also ran a scan looking for "Program" and find nothing. Any ideas would be appreciated....

2007-05-24, 06:02
Madorick has a topic in the malware removal forum:http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=14057

2007-05-24, 14:29
This is a different issue, I noticed I was in the wrong group after I posted this though. I help out people in my orginization who cannot afford to take their machine to the "repair" shop...... two machines and two problems.