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2007-06-02, 06:29
Access violation at address 76F2D87A in module 'kernel32.dll'. Write of address 00405975.

This error only occurs when analyzing certain file types. I can analyze executables, plain text files, but not libraries and certain others. It returns the location, file size, version, time stamp and 0's in the hex dump. I am using version 1.5.2 beta. 1.4 was doing the same thing, I was hoping that the beta would fix it. Running on Vista Premium.


2007-06-04, 08:06
Hi Malwarebytes. ;)

I made a Bug Report, thanks.

2007-06-04, 18:22
Thanks tashi, I appreciate it.

Marcin (aka RubbeR DuckY)

2007-06-09, 14:04
Could you please try 1.5.5 (main download link - just didn't update the pages around it yet)? That's the first version that has the "Works with Windows Vista" logo - first time I really tested it on Vista, and found and fixed two bugs there.