View Full Version : add/remove menu problem

2007-06-05, 22:36
It seem on my laptop that I can not get any of the stuff that is in the add/remove menu to uninstall becouse there is no unistall button on any of the programs its jist like a list of them and nothing I can do with them?? any idea's?????

Please help Im confussed on this one!!!!

2007-06-06, 02:10
Is it missing on all the programs listed in add/remove programs?I tried putting on some restrictions into add/remove on my own,but none seem to do that.

There is this,but I have my doubts if it is the answer,since I can't see anything doing that to make all your change/remove buttons go missing:
I don't recommend going into the registry if you aren't familiar with it,though.If that's the case and pskelley is through with your topic,maybe if you went to a pctroubleshooting type place,they could do something for you,or you could get someone to have a look at it for you,like a computer shop,or something.

2007-06-06, 14:55
taking it down to a shop is my next step!! thanks for your input and help!!! All of yall at spybot are great helpers. your company will continue to get my 100% recomendation as well as my continued donations!! yall have a great year and hopefully i wont see yall aroould much, LOL. take care and thanks again for EVERYTHING!!!


2007-06-06, 22:29
Good luck,hope you get your computer all fixed up. :)