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2007-06-06, 19:06
Hi all,

I have the displeasure of having my recently upgraded PC, infected with this Smitfraud-C. Toolbar888 thing. So instead of me making the time to post the system info on the forum, I just reformatted both my hard drives (I'm running XP SP2 dual boot on 2 10000ROM Raptors - One install per HDD).

Now my concern is that I have a chance of getting attacked again.

I just need an honest (No BS) opinion from the people on here who know, what's my best move.

Before the upgrade, I ran NAV2005, and had Windows Defender(just to have it...dont know if it worked) and had S&D Spybot 1.4 installed. I didnt have any issues with malware.

This time around I used Norton Internet Security 2005(3 month trial that came with MoBo), and within days of installing my Broadband modem again, I was attacked.

I'm basically looking for options on what to install (and KEEP) on my system, that will yield the same results as before.

Is there sch a thing, or am I living a lie...?


2007-06-06, 23:27
You could have a look at the Trustworthy List for suggestions:

And read over this:

shelf life
2007-06-06, 23:48
Theres nothing magical about malware. Its there because of things you do or dont do. You can have all kinds of software installed, but none of it can think for you. Ultimately, you still make the decisions.
the best way to prevent it is to learn how it can get on your computer.



2007-06-07, 00:18
Cool, thanks for these links, I'll check them out and take it from there...

I just loaded Kaspersky Anti-Virus (latest updates too), and then I have spybot installed to check any intrusions. I'm currently looking for a decent anti-spyware/firewall to install... I'm thinking of going the route of Zone Alarm Pro / Zone Alarm Internet Security.


2007-06-08, 17:23
If you don't know what firewall to choose, maybe this recent firewall leak-test by matousec will interest you :


Greetz, Red.