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2007-06-10, 20:42
hello and hi!
i'm completely new and very inexperianced with computers and the net but am picking up things at a reasonable pace,so if what i am about to ask is in the wrong place,seems a stupid question with an obvious answear or is a down right insult then i apollogise now profusely!!!!!!!!
1)i've got windows xp (as far as i know without service pack 1 or 2) how can i tell?
2)i've read on your forum somewhere that you cannot add sp2 to your coputer unless it's free of viruses?
3)if this is right can still put sp1 on?
4) i know i've got a malware virus on(smitfraud -c.toolbar888 as well as a couple of tracking cookies)and have tried getting rid of them with spybot avg and ad-awaree (can these 3 run together o-k?)(are avg and adaware any good?)
5)i have tried getting rid of them by running the computer in safe mode,this did seem to work but (fairly obvious,.......they came back)(proves how inexpierianced i am but hopefully shows i'm willing to have ago!)
6)from reading your forums i need to down load hjt and vundofix(no problem),then post the log.is this right?
7)what's the best thing i can put on to stop all the pop ups?
any advice any one can give will be recived with gratitude

2007-06-10, 20:51

Please see these sticky topics:

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Malware Removal Forum (http://forums.spybot.info/forumdisplay.php?f=22)
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Hope that helps. :)

2007-06-10, 21:05
thanks !!
i will read througth and take advice willingly!
(can ipost in this forum just to get generall advice?)
once again thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007-06-10, 21:12
(can ipost in this forum just to get generall advice?)

Hi there.

Welcome and 'Purpose of the Tavern' (http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=187)

A place to chat or ask questions that are not related to Spybot-S&D support/tools or malware removal support.

Feel free to discuss among yourselves problems with hardware and such; another member may have a solution.

No politics, religion or logs please.

Cheers. :)