View Full Version : Viruses, malware trojans....WHY

Average Joe
2006-01-04, 20:04
Barring the criminals out in cyberspace...

How have we got to the point in society where people spend their free time on projects designed to disrupt, annoy and damage peoples computers.

Its like cyber graffiti all this malware

2006-01-04, 23:35
You're absolutely right. I and many others are equally puzzled and frustrated. Without the "baddies," we'd have no need for the "goodies." The "goodies"?...our Hero Prince: Patrick Kolla!!! Regards, Tarheel.

2006-01-05, 19:14
I agree, but we can't answer the question. It was inevitable it was gonig to happen.

Average Joe
2006-01-05, 19:32
What I am trying to understand is why do people go to these lengths to disrupt others from getting on with things by creating these malware items.

I can understand some one getting drunk and kicking rubbish bins over or singing loudly on their way home but actually designing and programming something to be a nuisance is beyond me.

2006-01-05, 21:12
For the same reason they break into homes and businesses and steal, money.

Most major current malware is designed to net someone profit, either directly or indirectly. Whether pushing ads for per/click counts or stealing your identity to misuse your credit, they're really just after money.

This is the new field of battle in a virtual war that has been theorized about for years, but looks alot less techie and pretty then was thought. In fact, it's alot like real war; dirty, underhanded, ruthless, though less deadly physically.

To believe the Internet would be any different then the real world, especially due to the apparent anonymity and high-tech dark corners the bad guys can hide in, is denying reality. The days of an enlightend populace left with the educational and research organizations when they created Internet2.

With that left the weekend/student hacker, only interested in creating something for notoriety or the thrill of seeing its effects. Some of these grew up and turned their creations into something more deadly, others simply took their wares, posted on hacker sites to increase their exposure, and tweaked or combined them in a never ending blend to bypass existing security.

In this war the poor unsuspecting average user stands exposed in the crossfire, often unaware of the volleys shooting past them in the virtual world displayed on their screen. They become aware only when directly hit or winged by one of these virtual bullets, hopefully due to the warnings from their security software, but often due to injuries to their OS or side effects that pop-up seemingly out of nowhere.

Either way, they loose money either due to direct theft or more subtle effects like the cost of protection software, security improvements in the Operating System and other software, and even the most valuable; time itself.

Average Joe
2006-01-06, 20:40
I understand that there is a criminal element behind a large proportion of malware but it is the percentage who create things just to cause disruption and nothing else which beats me.

These people out there programming stuff to deliberatley cause disruption must have similarities to the characteristics of your unadjusted serial murderer, feeding on a desire to exert their power on others. They are calculating, cunniving, unremorsful and relentless in acheiving their goal.....to cause you and your equipment harm!!!

2006-01-07, 23:59
I for one can sense your alarm and disgust; however, no matter how bad it gets, we, the consumers, do not waste valuable time pondering the "whys" of the criminal mindset and their guerrilla tactics. We must be vigilant, maintain, and support ethical entities, such as Spybot S&D, to protect and defend us.

When my youngest son (now 33 years old) was about 4 years old, he asked to go outdoors and play with his pals. There was a long-standing rule in our household: No playing with your pals outdoors until all your toys are put away inside. When I reminded him of this rule, he put his grubby little hands on his hips, looked angrily at me, and shouted through his gapped-toothed little mouth, "Well! I'm just gonna pissadeer!" He could not speak plainly, and frequently got his words twisted. What he was saying was that he didn't like the reality of the household rules, and was going to disappear. Well, this is what I wish...that the hackers, keyloggers, spammers, etc. would..."Pissadeer!" I can wish till the cows come home and it won't do me a bit of good; therefore, I keep an alert vigil and let the expert warriors do battle. Don't forget, an army moves on its stomach. Donate to keep 'em fed and fightin' for you. Tarheel.

2006-01-11, 15:49
One other way to help.

Join the army. Your Cyber Country Needs YOU.

Schools to learn how to help are at several websites accross the net, here are a few (I am biased - One is at my own site - the first).



http://forums.tomcoyote.org/index.php?showtopic=1421[URL="http://www.spywareinfo.com"] (http://www.malwareremoval.com)

2006-01-12, 02:26
One other way to help.

Join the army. Your Cyber Country Needs YOU.

yah Chris you are right - we need cyber army ad we need good :angel:to protect us

2006-01-13, 20:06
What I am trying to understand is why do people go to these lengths to disrupt others from getting on with things by creating these malware items. ... According to what I've read, some do it because it gives them a sense of being powerful.

2006-01-13, 21:10
Mostly it is for the old evil - Money.

This is big business - so lots of the seedier advertising companies are involved. Infect a computer and you have a captured advertising machine. Or infect a machine and use it to send out spam adverts to thousands of email accounts.

Then it is the old pretection racket - 'I have an army of 3000 zombie computers - mister gambling site pay me $500k or your site gets DDoS'ed off the net for a week.'
You may not believe that, but that DOES happen.

Or the old favorite, brick through window, turn up and offer to fix it, that is your spyaxe/spywarestrike, infect you, then ask for money to get it clean.

Those are all about money, pure and simple.